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  • WE START FROM YOUR IDEAS or needs and we take care of all the phases of Feasibility Analysis, Research and Development, Design, Prototyping, Mold Making and Industrialization of the new product or machine.
  • FROM THE IDEA TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT - We follow in-house all the steps necessary to move from an idea or a need to a finished product that is real, innovative and functional.
  • We realize image, design and launch your product.
  • WE MAKE YOUR BUSINESS, better - After following you at every stage we take off together.

Our skills are transversal and embrace disciplines such as :

FM srl

Sede legale Via Sis, 61 - 10040 Val della Torre (TO)
Sede operativa Via Volta, 5A - 10040 Val della Torre (TO)
P.IVA 02210740037 - REA TO 1196514
Tel. +39 011 19569225 - Info +39 345 9061186
Studio grafico sede ROMA (Montesacro) + 39 347.4494560

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