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Multimedia: why not?


What are multimedia productions?

The multimedia productions are personalized VIDEO / GRAPHIC realizations
with AUDIO / VIDEO mounting on DVD - High impact effects - Titling
With case and cover - For all PCs and DVD players.


 Who are they for?

Company and personal presentations, events, personal documentaries, monographs, gallery.
Video-catalogs - Multimedia Brochures - VIDEO for PROJECTIONS
Stock Photo - Launch Products - Introductions for meetings and conferences.
Photo-video montages also with narrating voice.
Exclusive video art and for artists with presentation works, biography, narrator, music.


Advertising spots

The advertising spots, just like the television ones, constitute a winning vehicle of rapid and very high advertising effectiveness.
SPOT VIDEO ADVERTISING for the Web & Social Networks - HQ-720.
Our productions guarantee a professional quality, quickly, and with graphically advanced processing completely personalized.

Improve your image and implement your business with multimedia production!
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